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born : 1963, Wuppertal, Germany

traveling : Europe, United States, East Europe, Ukraine, Bosnia

since 1989 working and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Phil Nelson

Light Affectable Art started with Phil Nelson in 1993 in Amsterdam. The friendly American from Iowa encouraged me

to paint, helped me building decorations and he was my

buisiness partner in the first years.

Most of all he was my friend. Two days after his birthday on 03/04/1998 he was brutally murdered in Amsterdam.

I will not leave

the oportunity for his memorial.





Light Affectable Art

... see it in the right light ...

Tanja Henn

         Tanja Henn              mobiel  06 42 12 05 05            lightaffectableart@gmail.com                      KvK  77012518

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