Art Markets, Amsterdam

Exhibition Church in Ruigoord

Light Affectable Art on Bosnian TV

Light Affectable Art has done ordered Work for various projects in France , Belgien, Spain,

 USA, Germany, Ukraine and Bosnia Hercegovina.

Zaal 100, Amsterdam,2011

see it in the right Light...




Light Affectable Art on TV

Kisselak TV Station, 2009

Bosnia Hercegovina

Bliksem, Sint Josephkerk,

Amsterdam, 2013

Light Affectable Art

Buurtboerderij, 2010


Public libary, Amsterdam, 2011

Light Affectable Art

... see it in the right light ...

Tanja Henn

         Tanja Henn              mobiel  06 42 12 05 05                        KvK  77012518

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